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Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 High Output UVB Fluorescent Bulb, 15 Watts, ...

Emits UVB a full 20/51cm from the surface of the lamp to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease. ..


4w GE MR16 GU10 30k LED5GU10/N

GE's 4.5 watt LED MR16 GU10 base non-dimmable lamp brings energy savings in overhead light appli..


4w GE Par16 LED5P16S/NFL/TP 6

GE's 4.5 watt LED non-dimmable PAR16 lamp brings energy savings in overhead light applications in wh..


DI 20617R C6 70L 4"Sp25'St Mlt

Diogen Multi-Color C6 Set         This light string with C6 bul..


Energetic 12w Tulip LED A19

Energetic's Tulip LED A19 lamp provides energy efficient multi-directional illumination using on..


GE Energy Smart Transparent Flame Tip

GE's Energy Smart® candelabra base 2.0 watt LED flame tip decorative lamp brings energy savi..


GE LED12w BR30 12DBR30/827

This GE Energy Smart® LED BR30 reflector flood is ideal for both dimming and non-dimming recesse..


GE10w Par30 LED LN Dim.Refl.

GE's 10 watt LED long neck dimmable PAR30 brings energy savings in overhead light applications i..


Greenlite LED PAR30 (25º)

Greenlite's LED 8 watt dimmable PAR30 offers energy savings in overhead lighting applications wh..


Philips EnduraLED Flame Tip (Candelabra)

D™ dimmable flame-tip LED candle provides smooth dimming and decorative, energy-saving ambienc..


Philips EnduraLED MR16

Philips EnduraLED™ MR is a compact lamp for MR16 fixtures and sockets. It is well-suited for t..


Philips EnduraLED PAR38

EnduraLED™ Dimmable PAR38 lamp provides energy efficient illumination using only 17 watts of e..


Philips EnduraLED Post Light

Philips EnduraLED™ dimmable LED post light candle provides a decorative, energy-saving ambienc..


TCP LED Exit Sign 20715 Retrof

LED bulbs in exit signs offer great energy savings, low maintenance costs, and improved safety. Thes..