About Exit 15

Exit 15 Corporation is a retailer of personal care products, wellness products, medical devices and other unique items that will help improve your quality of life at home and at work.

Our site contains a unique selection of products from trusted and innovative brands and manufacturers for the best price possible. You will also find important information about these items to help you make the best decision possible in regards to your health care needs.

We gather cutting edge information about specific medical conditions from multiple online resources then compile articles that we publish, for your convenience, in our Exit 15 Education Center.

Commitment to service and customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. There are no hidden fees, follow-up calls or unwanted emails. We provide you with convenient options to meet your support needs, such as an online self help and easy to find policies and procedures to assist you through your purchases. Whether you’re looking for information, policies, order status, or tracking information, we are there, on-line or just a phone call away.

Thank you for choosing Exit 15.