Insect Control

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We started this company because my wife, newly pregnant, is very nervous about being bitten by mosqu..
✔ SWING & KILL - No need to swat multiple times for a kill. Becuase of the electric function, flies ..
100% ALL NATURAL - NON TOXIC & DEET FREE: Forget about all those chemical filled sprays & wipes. Pes..
Safe for human and pets, two external layers protect human and pets against accidental low power sho..
ATTENTION - VERSION 2.0 OF PLUG2REPEL RELEASED ON AUGUST 01, 2015! After extensive testing, we'r..
2 Pack Special Buy: You will get 2 units The newest 2 in 1, LED Flashlight and Electric Mosquito Kil..
Martins IGR Insect Growth Regulator inhibits fleas from advancing from larvae to the adult stage, wh..
Repels mosquitoes for hoursProtection for the entire familyDEET-Free*Contains a natural active ingre..
Pestblast is a powerful led light with an electric zapper all in one to cure the annoying insects we..
Pestblast is a powerful LED light with an electric zapper all in one to cure the annoying insects we..
Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and repels mosquitoe..
So what happens when you get a bug bite? You scratch it and itch it and itch it. And then it turns ..
All natural 36-hour mosquito protection patches are the natural way to keep mosquitoes away. The oth..
Kites: A Timeless Way To Bond With Your Children What better way to bond with your children than lea..
Spend time outdoors the natural way with Amazon Lights Incense Cones. Using a highly concentrated mi..
Contains pyrethrin and provides 24-hour flying insect control.Includes dispenser.SizeColor BCI - 074..