UV Light Bulbs

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These Decorative LEDs are high performance LED light bulbs, which are direct replacements to traditi..
For Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans and Lanterns. The Candelabra Base LED is high performance and very ene..
The Wake-Up Light provides a pleasant start for your day. View largerClinical r..
This professional quality loupe is amazing! The LED and UV light ( blue light) offer the perfect imm..
TWO plastic Pins on each side 13 Watt UV-C Lamp for UV Sterilizer - 13W 13 Watt PVHX213 UV Germicida..
Includes 10 pieces of YorkimBay Brand Led Series Wedge Bulbs, super bright T10 5050 5-SMD LED bulbs...
You are purchasing one Piece of G25T8 , TUV25W , TUV 25W 3000008 - 18" UV, UV-C Germicidal Bi-Pin G1..
The MEL (Micro Effects Light) is a series of simple low cost LED light sources with a built in DC ba..
Compatible Products LifeGuard All in One Filter, Aqua Medic Helix Max 9, Custom SeaLife 9X Double He..
The ADJ UV Panel HP has a wide range of fluorescent UV that it throws over a wide area. With low pow..
UV Canon Front View FX Shot Specifications: 400W Super ..
UV Replacment Bulb G23 2 Pin Base SunSun 9 Watt SunSun & Aquatop Canisters, UV Sterilizers and Pond ..
2000 hrs useful hours 3000 k. color temperature GU10 (Twistline) Base with UV-stop cover lenses.CBCo..
3000 hrs useful hours 3000 k. color temperature with UV-stop cover lenses. GU5.3 or GX5.3 base D..
Compatible with: JBJ 13W Submersible UV Sterilizer, Jebao PU13 clarifier, Jebao CF-10, CF-20, CF-30..
Compatible with the follow products: Air Probe 100L Air Probe, Aqua Medic Helix Max, Cal Pump U.V. C..