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In 12 Ways to Effectively Help Your ADD/ADHD Child, you'll discover that helping a child with ADD/AD..
This new edition emphasizes the unique contribution of this longstanding text in the integration of ..
This clinical manual argues for using neurotherapy to enhance mental health and medical practice acr..
The "Bible" of Alternative MedicineLearn the health secrets that millions of readers have discovered..
Clear, water-soluble, non-irritating lubricant. Compatible with natural and synthetic substances.Mod..
Small circles CHANGE COLORS as hand temperature changes. Great handout at fairs, lectures and groups..
The human mind is a learning machine. We are constantly taking in new information, processing that i..
Biofeedback and Behavior: A NATO Symposium, held on 27-30 July 1976 at the Max Planck Institut fUr P..
In this book, I have attempted to evaluate critically the very large literature which has accumulate..
Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge, drug-free therapeutic technique used by over a thousand licensed th..
The InflaGene™ formula is based on a blend of 100% natural herbal extracts enclosed in a vegetarian ..
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. DNLM: 1. Biofeedback (Psychology). Used Book in Goo..
BIOHIIT is a unique DVD workout program with 5 workouts tailored to your fitness level.Workouts ..
With the burden of brain disorders increasing worldwide, there has been a resurgence of interest in ..
A thorough, readable primer for the practitioner and student,detailing case studies on the art and s..
Neurotherapy, sometimes called EEG biofeedback and/or neurobiofeedback involves techniques designed ..