Longray Basic ULV Fogger with Adjustable Flow & Flex-Hose

Longray Basic ULV Fogger with Adjustable Flow & Flex-Hose

The Longray Basic ULV Fogger with Adjustable Flow & Flex-Hose is designed to be picked up and carried around for manual, directed spraying. The vertical form factor can also be strapped to a small folding cart (not included) and wheeled around.

A genuine fogger. Foggers competing in this price range are often mislabeled misters. WHO guidelines define a particle finer than 100 microns as mist, and finer than 50 microns as fog. The Longray Basic is a genuine fogger, producing a 5-50 micron fog that diffuses faster, penetrates better, and has a higher probability of coming into contact with small pests.

Functional and portable design. The bottom of the unit is a generously-sized, detachable solution tank with an easy-fill valve and a capacity scale. The top of the unit is molded into a grip handle so you can take your fogger anywhere.

Built to last. The unit's vortex nozzle is designed to be clog-resistant. The solution tank is made from rugged, chemical-resistant polyurethane.

Replacement parts available. Fast shipping from U.S. parts supplier.

  • ULV electric fogger that produces fine, 5-50 micron droplets.
  • Powered from a standard wall outlet -- no propane, no emissions (besides your fog)
  • Works with water and oil-based pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, and fogging agents.
  • 1 year extended warranty.
  • Voted: 630
  • Brand: Longray
  • Product Code: 2610A
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $238.42



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