Zewa Reusable Deluxe Butterfly Electrodes

Zewa Reusable Deluxe Butterfly Electrodes

Zewa Reusable Deluxe Butterfly Electrodes

Size: 3.5" x 5"

Contains four Electrodes

Recommended for treating larger areas like the back and lower back

Designed for easy application (Butterfly design)

Wire connection

Self sticking and long Lasting

Works with most TENS units



Do your electrodes work with other TENS units?
All our electrodes will work with most TENS units. Our electrodes are manufactured using the most used standard in the market. Certain specialized TENS units (normally used in hospitals) use specialized electrodes. Please call us to receive more information.

Where should I place the electrodes?
In order to achieve the best treatment results place the electrodes around or on top of your area causing you the most pain. If possible always use all 4 electrodes at the same time. Electrodes should be placed between 0.5” - 1.5” apart from each other.

How do I remove the electrodes from my skin?
Slowly peal the electrodes off your skin by lifting up one the of the edges of the electrode and than peal it off. Do NOT pull on the wire.

What do I have to do before placing the electrodes on my skin?
In order for electrodes to stick correctly, clean your skin with soap and water before each use. Make sure your skin is dry before placing the electrodes. This simple step will increase the lifespan of your electrodes.

When do I have to replace the electrodes?
The gel used on electrodes will gradually lose adherence and will stop sticking. At this time they have to be replaced. If electrodes get wet from water or sweat they will no longer adhere to your skin and must be replaced.

How long do electrodes last?
There are many factors that can influence how long they last. For example:
•How long are these electrodes used at a time (30 minutes or 8 hours). If they are used for a couple of hours a day, we recommend using 2 sets of electrodes. Use the first set the first day and the second set for the second day. This will give the first set about 24 hours to completely dry which will expand the usage time. Repeat these steps by rotating the 2 sets.
•If you have a lot of body hair they will not last as long as if they are placed on bare skin. If possible place them on bare skin.
•During a hot summer day you can sweat more than during a winter day. Once they get wet they will last less long. Let them dry for 24 hours which will extend their usage time.
As you can see there are many factors that can influence the usage time. However, following the instruction on the electrode bag will help extend the usage of these electrodes.

Can I use a lotion after using the electrodes?
Yes you can, but make sure you will clean your skin before using them again.

What options do I have if I get a skin irritations?
Skin irritations are rare, but if you get them, please contact our customer service and ask for a “sensitive skin electrode”.


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