YINTATECH 48x48x80 Plant Grow Tent, Reflective Mylar 600D Oxfor...

YINTATECH 48x48x80 Plant Grow Tent, Reflective Mylar 600D Oxfor...

YINTATECH 48"x48"x80" Plant Grow Tent, Reflective Mylar 600D Oxford Fabric Growing Room, with Waterproof Floor Tray, for Indoor Gardening Hydroponic Plant Germination Growing

-YINTATECH 48"x48"x80" grow tent is designed to control temperature and lighting as needed so that you can grow any indoor plants in any season.
-Great for you to grow exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits out of season.
-Use open, close or vent system to adjust temperature, humidity and light conditions.
-Suitable for all growing systems, hydroponic and soil-based cultivation.
-It is water-resistant, tear-proof, wear-resistant and double stitching.
-It can block outside light from entering and inside light from exiting.
-98%-reflective mylar lining allows plants to utilize all the supplied light without waste.
-Zipper door is convenient to remain closed or opened position while working.
-Convenient to view the interior and observe plant growth.
-Sturdy metal frame and connectors are crafted from powder-coated, high-capacity metal pole and hanging bar.
-It won't crack like plastic poles/fittings and won't collapse or sag like aluminum.
-Multiple rectangular, mesh-covered vent windows, with integral flaps to control light entry/exit.
-These ducted ports and vent windows can be used in multiple combinations for ventilation, tubing, wiring, filter systems or other uses.
-Belts - Hang Ancillary Equipment
-Easy to install and dissemble for clean-up or relocation.

-Tent Size: 48"x48"x80"
-Tent Exterior: 600D oxford fabric
-Tent Interior: reflective mylar lining
-Color: black outside and silver inside
-Weight: 22.2lbs
-Frame Material: metal
-Connector Material: metal
-Built-in zippered with double stitched inner lining to prevent light leakage.
-Multiple Vents Holes
-Waterproof Floor Tray

Package Included:
-1 x 600D 48"x48"x80" Grow Tent Cover
-8 x Connectors
-16 x Poles
-1 x Removable Floor Tray
-2 x Belts
-3 x Hanging Bars
-1 x User Manual
  • Durable Material YINTATECH 48"x48"x80" plant grow tent is made of 600D oxford fabric material. It is water-resistant, tear-proof, wear-resistant and double stitching. Perfect for light blocking. Keep enough growing lights and heat for plants to thrive. The grow tent is reinforced by the metal poles and connectors to ensure security and stability. Easy to lock, not loose.
  • Easy to Install and Use The grow tent is easy to be installed, included an instruction and no tools needed. Just make sure all the metal feet are going the same direction. It is perfect for your plants, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables to thrive even in winter. Use YINTATECH Plant Grow - Plants are unaffected by seasons, climate and weather. Plants aren't prone to water loss.
  • Multiple Vents The grow tent comes with multiple circular double-sleeved vent holes. These holes make it easy to install cables, fans, filters and plant lights in the grow tent. Multiple Ventilation Port - Built-in mesh screen and cloth to shield light. Provide suitable light and heat for plant growth. Other Grow Tent with View Window and Tool Bag - It is easy to light leak and tear at the seams. So we give up the view window and tool bag to prevent light leakage.
  • What You Get Our product has 12 months warranty plus a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by Amazon email and your questions will be answered within 24 hours. Package Included: 1 x 600D 48"x48"x80" Grow Tent Cover, 8 x Connectors, 16 x Poles, 1 x Removable Floor Tray, 2 x Belts, 3 x Hanging Bars, 1 x Instructional Manual
  • Openable Zipper Door The openable door of the grow tent provide a convenient access for you to view the interior and monitor the daily growth of your plants. Heavy-duty zippers slide smoothly, special lining design to prevent light leakage. 98%-reflective, light-proof and tear-proof mylar lining create a light-proof seal to prevent light escaping. When use the grow light in the grow tent, can retain heat and make high-efficiency use of light source to promote plant's growth and increase yield.
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