WILLHI WH1436A Temperature Controller 110V Digital Thermostat Swit...

WILLHI WH1436A Temperature Controller 110V Digital Thermostat Swit...
The WH1436A (WH1436 Series) temperature controller can turn on/off an electric appliances at desired temperature.
And the operation has been simplified for ease of use. For example:
you can use the controller to turn on a heater at 99.9 F and turn it off at 100 F (set HC=H, Lb=99.9, Hb=100).
Or turn on a fridge at 52 F and turn it off at 45.3 F (set HC=C, Lb=52, Hb=45.3).
Please be noted that the controller itself doesn't change temp. You need to use heater or refrigeration equipment with it.

Main features:
1-YEAR Warranty
Plug and play. No worry about wiring.
Maximum load: 1100W @110V or 2200W @220V.
Heating OR refrigeration working mode.
Celsius or fahrenheit read-out.
Temperature calibration.
Compressor delay protection time setting.
High and low temperature alarms are available(This is a useful function. You can use this feature to alarm you when the temperature overshoots your desired temperature)
Auto shut off timer(It doesn't turn off the controller itself. The timer just turns off the load when specified time counts down to 0.)

1.Power supply: AC 110V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
2.Measure range: -58°F ~ 230°F / -50°C ~ 110
  • WE'VE IMPROVED THE CONTROLLER: simplified operation, larger power, wider control range, standard U.S. outlet, enhanced waterproof sensor probe. Get the new version right now
  • KEEP TEMP IN DESIRED RANGE: Turn on your device at a set degree and turn it off at another set degree. The difference of the 2 degrees can be minimum 0.1 and maximum 288
  • HEATING OR REFRIGERATION WORKING MODE: Switch between heating mode and refrigeration mode according to the device you plug into the controller
  • MAX LOAD: 1100W at 110V or 2200W at 220V. (Celsius or Fahrenheit Read-out)
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: seedling heat mat, home brewing, aquarium, pet breeding, incubation, BBQ, fermentation, accelerating germination, electric radiator, electric oven, etc
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