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Carolina Morning Inflatable Zafu

Inflatable Zafu. Contains a standard beach ball ..


Carolina Morning Organic Yoga Blanket

Chemical Free Organic Cotton BlanketsAvailable in Cocoa or NaturalSizes: Throw--46"x62" Y..


Carolina Morning Removable Restorative Yoga Mat Cover

Zippered Removable Cover for Restorative Yoga Mat. 27"x76" ..


Carolina Morning Restorative Yoga Mat

Organic Cotton filled with chemical free kapok, 27"x76"x2--12 lbs. Removable cover available separat..


Carolina Morning Sky Bench

Dimensions: seat is 10"x20", height is 11.5 inches in front and 13 inches in back. Weighs 7 pounds. ..


Carolina Morning Smile Cushion Crescent Zafu

Zafu Meditation CushionsSmile Cushion (Crescent Zafu)* A Meditation Cushion is your place to..


Carolina Morning Tilt Seat

Made from earth friendly, 100% recycled wood content fiberboard, with whey based finish. Comes apart..


Carolina Morning Tilt Seat/Sky Bench Cushion

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Carolina Morning Yoga Bolsters

organic Yoga Bolsters * 100% cotton muslin case with a zippered, organic cotton removable cover. *..


Carolina Morning Zabuton Sitting Mat

Za'bu tan: the 'sitting mat' which the zafu, smile cushion, or kneeling bench is placed on.These..


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