ProKold Universal Ice Wrap 2

ProKold Universal Ice Wrap 2
Pro-Kold's Universal Ice Wrap is designed to be applied to any aching or injured area that it can fit. They use non-toxic pillows of purified water with a USDA approved, food-grade freezing agent. The Ice Mat offers contact closures that make the wrap simple to apply and provides even, adjustable compression. Pro-Kold wraps keep patients comfortable and dry while allowing mobility. 
For the patient, several studies have shown that Pro-Kold products get the appropriate cold (just above freezing) to the treatment site, with no fear of frostbite or cold shock. For the patient and practitioner alike, Pro-Kold products offer great simplicity of use at a modest price.
We offer Pro-Kold's Universal Ice Wrap in two sizes, sold individually. Select from the drop down menu above and order online direct by clicking "add to cart!"
  • Can wrap around almost any joint or body area
  • Relief from bruises, strains, sprains, certain types of headaches, arthritis
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Anti-microbial finish
Size MP-201: 1 8" x 24" Ice Wrap

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  • Brand: ProKold
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