Howda HUG1 Adjustable Children Seat

Howda HUG1 Adjustable Children Seat
All Kids love HUGs! The smooth rocking and cradle like comfort make for a calm and peaceful seating experience. Benefits range from better focus, less fidgeting, increased eye contact, more concentration and all around peaceful sitting on ground or chair. The HowdaHUG1 was our first seat for children and because it is a seat for "most" kids, it is also great for teachers and parents to use for showing children how to sit and rock in them. HowdaHUG materials are safe and environmentally friendly. 100% cotton canvas and renewable American Basewood, the lightest of the hard woods.
Snug as a bug in the HUGs.:  The child should siit snugly with bottom all the way back into the Howda to receive the best HUG.  That way the child will feel the embrace of the HowdaHUG's rib-like slats snugly surrounding the body. Then rocking, in a cradle-like movement, settles the child into a new comfort zone.
Teachers call this the "Hugachair" and "the listening chair" because when kids are hugged they listen better!
The HowdaHUG adjust straps are figet proof and safe. 
Tighter is great for feeling the cradle!
The linear rocking movement provides children, with low muscle tone and core strength, the benefit of strengthening those muscles. Occupational Therapists and Special Education Teachers endorse the HowdaHUG over all other seating for helping children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD), Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other spectrum disorders or just fidgety kids.  They tell us that using the HowdaHug in school during circle time or at the desk makes a noticeable difference in the child's focus and attention.
"I just love this amazing seat. I've seen it work for kids and recommend it to all the parents and educators I speak to" says Carol Kranowitz, renowned speaker and nationally recognized author of "The Out-of-Sync Child, says of the HowdaHUG,
The new improved HowdaHUG seat has a doubly durable bottom hinge that allows children to rock away without damaging or wearing out the canvas. This improvement creates a cushioning for better and more balanced rocking.
SIZE: Recommended for children aged 7-12, teens. Weight comfort:  up to approximately 125lbs.
HowdaHUGS measurements: 16" wide X 15.5" high X 14.5D" (hinge width). 

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