Exercise Equipment

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Biosig Instruments Antense

FITNESS ANTI-TENSION DEVICE   Antense® gives you instant feedback on your stress, which i..


Biosig Instruments Body-Trim

Body Trim® provides the same complete workout in your own home as you would experience with the ..


Biosig Instruments Exerlopers

PATENTED NO-IMPACT RUNNING SHOES Exerlopers® are a unique type of running shoes that is fundame..


Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse model 105

PATENTED FITNESS HEART RATE MONITORS   InstaPulse® Heart Rate Monitors can measure your h..


Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse model 107

InstaPulse Hand-Held Model IN-107 Pocket Model   InstaPulse®, is a hand-held baton which ..


Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse Wall Model 201

Easy Access for Pulse Rate! Ideal for Physical Education classes, gyms and large groups, the wall-m..


Biosig Instruments Sea Jogger

WALK ON WATER  with the revolutionary patented Sea Jogger   Addressing the latest trend..


Karman Healthcare MoonRocker, Home Exercise Machine

MoonRocker MoonRocker is a great idea for cardiovascular exercise and it’s a great value for h..


Karman Healthcare SurfUp - Home Exercise Machine

SurfUp - Home exercise machine SurfUp is a great idea for cardiovascular exercise and it’s a g..


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