GoldenCosmos Gold Hand XFT-502 Low Frequency Equipment

GoldenCosmos Gold Hand XFT-502 Low Frequency Equipment

Gold Hand XFT-502: Low Frequency Therapeutic Equipment

Gold Hand (XFT-502) is the most cutting-edge scientific outcome of XFT-18, XFT-19 and XFT-20 series. The product is famous for its successful application of the principle prevailing in traditional Chinese medicine. The product, for its "Tap", "Vibration" and "massage" function, can free channel and collateral meridian, smoothen energy and blood circulation, and strength to the body and prolong life.


•Voltage:DC 3V (or 2 "AAA" batteries)
•Vibration Frequency: 2 ~ 100 Hz
•Current: Approximately 24 mA
•Size: 60(w) x 100(l) x 15 (h)

Replacement Pads for the Gold Hand XFT-502 are available for purchase here

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