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iReliev Conductive Back Wrap Accesory

The iReliev Conductive Back Wrap TENS Unit Accessory helps relieve acute and chronic pain of your lo..


iReliev Mini-TENS Patch Pads Refill Kit 2 x 3 - Pack of 3

iReliev Patch Pads Refill Kit with Butterfly Snap-Style Series Electrodes feature patented structura..


iReliev Pads & Leads 2 x 2 Refill Kit - Pack of 16

Made with premium iReliev grade Hydrogel, made is the USA – a proven gel featuring uncompromising ad..


iReliev Super Electrode Pads 3.5″ x 5″ Refill Kit - Pack of 6

The iReliev super pads are made with premium grade Hydrogel, made is the USA – a proven gel featurin..


iReliev TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator

iReliev TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator is designed with quality, durability, portability and a..


iReliev TENS Unit Pain Relief System

The iReliev TENS Unit Pain Relief System is designed with quality, durability, portab..


iReliev Wireless TENS Unit Pain Relief Patch

The iReliev Pain Relief Patch is a mini wireless TENS unit that is designed to block the pain s..


Mind Alive Microcurrent Electro Therapy MET Kit

This kit includes a white stimulation cable with snaps and package of 30 disposable electrodes. ..


Mind Alive Stereo Headphones

Top-quality headphones with a 3.5 millimeter or 1/8" stereo plug...


Mind Alive David Alert

DAVID ALERTThe ALERT (Attentive Living through Energizing, Restorative Technology) is the result..


GoldenCosmos Butterfly Massager XFT-1002

Butterfly Massager (Body Building Pad) The innovative electronic exercise system is a high-tech el..


GoldenCosmos Butterfly Replacement Pads

Replacement Pads for the Butterfly Massager (xft-1002)Replacement pads can also be used for the ..


GoldenCosmos Gold Hand XFT-502 Low Frequency Equipment

Gold Hand XFT-502: Low Frequency Therapeutic EquipmentGold Hand (XFT-502) is the most cutting-ed..


Halo Rejuvenator Posture Perfect 1LB

The #1 cause of neck pain, headache and shoulder pain is POOR POSTURE!Today, our lives are cente..


Mind Alive David Alert Pro

DAVID ALERT PRO - NOW ALERT SESSIONS AND CES IN ONE!Why not add CES to the ALERT and boost its e..


PCP Medical High Strength Industrial Tens Machine

High Strength Industrial Tens Machine The Ultima 11 TENS Machine is a dual channel LCD unit that ca..


Rhythm Touch Muscle Stimulator

Rhythm Touch Q the best portable low frequency muscle stimulator.  The complete set is portable..


Rhythm Touch Replacement Cord - 2 pack

The original replacement cords for your Rhythm Touch Q Muscle Stimulator. Damaged wires will stop co..


Rhythm Touch Replacement Pads

When your Rhythm Touch Q pads get less sticky, it is time get new pads. Our finest quality pads for ..


Rhythm Touch Replacement Pads - 10 pack

When your Rhythm Touch Q pads get less sticky, it is time get new pads. Our finest quality pads for ..


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