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  • Provides special proteolytic blend of enzymes.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Offers safer alternative to serrapeptidase.
  • May support the immune system.
Vitabase Serrazimes is a special proteolytic blend of enzymes derived from the edible fungi Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus melleus. It is designed to be a safe but just as effective alternative for serrapeptidase. 
Serrapeptidase was initially isolated from Serratia marcescens, potentially pathogenic bacteria found in the gut of the Japanese silkworm. It has been used in recent years due to its support of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The subject of many scientific studies, it has been shown to be particularly helpful for arthritis and other pain-related inflammation. It is currently not available for sale in the United States because of safety concerns due to its source.
Vitabase Serrazimes is derived from plants that have a long history of safe usage but exhibits the same properties of serrapeptidase. Vitabase Serrazimes has been shown in laboratory analyses to have a 1:1 enzymatic equivalent of serrapeptidase activity. It also offers 20,000 units of proteolytic units per capsule.

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