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  • Provides natural mood enhancer.
  • Supplements a vital nutrient, which the body often does not produce in sufficient amounts.
  • Offers liver and joint support.
  • Provides enteric coating to protect tablets from environmental moisture.
  • Provides tablets, each of which contains 200 mg of SAM-e.
SAM-e for Mood Support
SAM-e (s-Adenosylmethione or ademetionine) occurs naturally in the body and is needed for a variety of biochemical processes. SAM-e was first discovered in 1952 but has only recently become widely used. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to counteract free-radical damage in the body. 
Clinical studies have shown SAM-e to benefit several areas. Italian researchers studying the effectiveness of SAM-e in treating schizophrenia found it had an unexpected but definite effect on depression. This effect was seen most notably in those suffering from depression as the result of some unknown cause as opposed to those with depression resulting from an identifiable source. 
Further research needs to occur before specific health benefits related to depression can be identified. However, good evidence suggests that SAM-e has a positive effect on the mood. It also supports the joints and liver and promotes liver health.
SAM-e can significantly absorb moisture from the environment, leading to a compromise in its overall quality. Consequently, our SAM-e tablets are carefully enteric coated for the strongest protection.

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