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  • Provides most advanced prostate complex available.
  • Includes saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, pygeum, lycopene, stinging nettle, and more.
  • Offers unique proprietary blend of nearly 20 other helpful nutrients/supplements.
  • Has been formulated to help promote prostate health.
Prostate Complete: Vital Nutrition for Men
Vitabase Prostate Complete is a comprehensive, natural formula designed to support a healthy prostate. 
Saw palmetto is one of the most thoroughly studied and documented natural remedies for prostate problems. 
European studies since the 1960s have shown that men taking saw palmetto experience significant improvement in urinary-tract symptoms (28 percent), peak urine flow (24 percent) and overall urine flow (48 percent). Further research is needed before specific health benefits can be established.
Pygeum africanum comes from Central and South Africa, where it has been used to treat bladder and urinary problems for centuries. The active chemical in pygeum is beta-sitosterol, which promotes cardiovascular and prostate health.
Beta-sitosterol has long been used by Europeans for prostate problems, and now its popularity is growing among American men. Promising results from research are published regularly. A Lancet study found that men with BPH who were given beta-sitosterol daily for six months showed significant improvement in urinary difficulties. Those given a placebo reported no relief. A 1999 review of four clinical trials involving 519 men with mild to moderate BPH found that beta-sitosterol provided notable relief from urinary problems. It also increased urine flow and caused few side effects. Interestingly, benefits matched those commonly found with prescription BPH drugs. Further study is needed before specific health benefits can be established.
Nettle is often combined with saw palmetto and pygeum africanum to ease BPH symptoms. 
Cat’s claw’s active elements include alkaloids, triterpenes, phytosterols, and proanthrocyanidins. Researchers have isolated unique alkaloids in cat’s claw, which stimulates the immune system. In addition, cat’s claw has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. More research is needed before specific health benefits can be established.
Mushrooms are high in zinc, which helps nourish the prostate gland. 
Prostate Complete also includes a proprietary blend of almost 20 other natural supplements to support a healthy prostate. These ingredients act in a variety of ways. Some ingredients function as anti-inflammatories, helping to reduce swelling and inflammation. Others act to boost the immune system. Still others support bladder and kidney health.

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