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  • Provides vegetarian formula that supports fluid balance.
  • Offers higher potency than competing products.
  • Supports urinary health.
Vitabase Herbal Diuretic is a natural, herbal formulation that supports the relief of water retention in the body. Over time, fluids can build up in the body as the result of certain foods like salt and sugar. This can result in a number of physical issues including bloating, weight gain, and water retention. Natural diuretics can help eliminate excess fluids in the body
The ingredients in Vitabase Herbal Diuretic include uvaursi, dandelion, goldenrod, and juniper, which are commonly used to support kidney function and increased urination. Our formula works in a gentle manner to avoid dehydration or loss of essential electrolytes. Because losing potassium is common when taking a diuretic supplement, our formula includes extra potassium to help maintain the proper balance.

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