ViaVolt Propagation Light Stand Kit, 2 4 Bulb

ViaVolt Propagation Light Stand Kit, 2 4 Bulb
The ViaVolt T5 high output plant grow light with light stand. The ViaVolt T5 grow light fixture is energy efficient and state of the art advanced grow light that comes with four 6500K (blue) bulbs bosting a 2000 lumen per bulb output. The ViaVolt T5 grow light is ideal for growing plants, clones, cutting, seedling or growing fruits and vegetables. This unit includes wire cables and hardware for hanging and adjusting. The highly reflective chrome insert assure you the best growing results with a combination of dispersion and intense light reflectivity. The Copper coated louvered steel housing assures cool operation and is durable for years of use. Each unit also has two on/off power switches allowing you to operate two or all four bulbs, runs on 120 volts and is accompanied by a 12 foot power cord. Each grow light has a daisy chain feature allowing multiple units to be connected to one another. The propagation light stand is made of a durable steel is white powder coated and rust resistant for use in humid greenhouse environments. If you would like to view other plant grow lights with light stand please view these product codes. VLS4S41, VLS2S21, VLS4S44, VLS4S48
  • Comes with four T5 high output bulbs 6500K (blue spectrum) and 2,000 lumens per bulb 24w per bulb.
  • Steel louvered housing for cool operation
  • Wire hangers and mounting hardware for easy adjusting
  • UL certified
  • May be daisy chained to other units
  • Voted: 775
  • Brand: ViaVolt
  • Product Code: VLS2S24
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $544.02



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