TRADESMART Shooting Earmuffs and Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Safety...

TRADESMART Shooting Earmuffs and Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Safety...

TRADESMART Shooting Earmuffs and Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Safety Glasses Combo Pack/Kit (2pk Clear-Tint)

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  • COMPLETE, RELIABLE PROTECTION AT THE RANGE: Ear Muffs / safety glasses combo kit provides comprehensive hearing & vision protection at the firearms range, on construction sites & more
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NOISE REDUCTION: Premium earmuffs feature a technologically advanced, twin cup, 6 piece noise filtration system that effectively blocks low, mid & high range frequencies
  • SAFETY GLASSES FIT WITH EARMUFFS: Our glasses are specially designed to be comfortable with the earmuffs. Anti fog, scratch resistant coating ensures clear vision (so you can perfect your aim)
  • FITS ADULTS & CHILDREN: Ear Muffs and Safety Glasses comfortably fit older kids and adults. All products are ANSI, CE and AS/NZS compliant so you can be sure you are well protected.
  • YOUR PURCHASE ENSURES MORE THAT JUST YOUR SAFETY: Tradesmart donates 20% of profits to programs that help underprivileged kids. We are not just dedicated to making your world safer but also others.
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