TRADESMART Pink Shooting Earmuffs & Clear Safety Glasses - 2 Piece...

TRADESMART Pink Shooting Earmuffs & Clear Safety Glasses - 2 Piece...

TRADESMART Pink Shooting Earmuffs & Clear Safety Glasses - 2 Piece Gun Range Safety Kit. Designed for Complete Protection & Style. Compact Design Fits in Hunting Bag. 20% of Profits Support Charity

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  • MAINTAIN PERFECT NOISE SEAL WITH THIS EAR & EYE PROTECTION FOR SHOOTING: Some competitors use round arms on their glasses, our flat arms don't interfere with the earmuff seal or dig into your temples
  • CLEARER VISION WITH ANTI-FOG COATING | LONGER LASTING FROM SCRATCH-RESISTANT LENSES: Pink safety glasses are more resistant to fogging in hot/humid conditions. Includes a microfiber protection pouch.
  • BLOCKS A HIGHER RANGE OF FREQUENCIES- FIRING RANGE COMPLIANT NOISE PROTECTION EARMUFFS: ANSI Certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28 from double cone design and 6 layer noise filtration system.
  • WEAR LONGER IN COMFORT & TAKE UP LESS ROOM IN YOUR BAG: Compact fold-up design fits into range bag. Soft ear cushions & cushioned head band. Adjustable '1-size-fits-all' fits ladies and girls.
  • 20% OF PROFITS GO DIRECTLY TO OUR KIDS CHARITY: No need to donate separately. Bring miles of smiles to underprivileged children. Support us as we educate and inspire the next generation!
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