Tongue Sweeper Model P Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Sweeper Model P Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

The Model Pro is our professional model designed for clinic use. It is made of stainless steel and coated with our Surecoat medical finish. This ensures the tongue sweeper is biocompatible and autoclavable. This tongue sweeper is finished with a colored silicone ring for personalization.

Orders of two or more will ship different colors.

Tongue Sweeper Model P Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner used and recommended by leading Dental Schools



  • Super smooth and comfortable cleaning edges.
  • Finished with SURECOATTM, a proprietary, superior coating used for medical applications - an extensively GLP tested, USP Class VI approved coating that exceeds Tripartite Guidelines and meets many ISO 9000 biocompatibility standards.
  • Exceptional durability - will not nick, break, or otherwise be damaged, unlike other plastic models.
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic.
  • Unique curves work smoothly and comfortably with the contours of your tongue.
  • Soft rubberized grip gives extra control.
  • Can be disinfected in a dishwasher (or sterilized with professional equipment).
  • Designed for easy one-handed use.
  • Provides the optimal length to reach the regions of the tongue where most bacteria are found.
  • Designed to fit in most toothbrush holders.
  • Non-porous finish does not allow organic material to collect on surfaces.
  • Absolute, customer satisfaction guarantee. Materials and workmanship guaranteed forever.
  • Made entirely in the USA.

If you look at the other tongue cleaning devices on the market, you will quickly see that the Tongue Sweeper Professional and Tongue Mate models are the finest available today.  Their surgical quality stainless steel and advanced medical coatings last a lifetime and can be sterilized an unlimited number of cycles. Designed with "non-gagging" shapes, Tongue Sweeper products are made specifically to gently, and safely, lift harmful bacteria and debris from the surface of your tongue. Thus, we do not make tongue scrapers - we make squeegee-like tongue sweepers.

The Tongue Sweeper Professional model has a semi-flexible handle, a delicate design and feels unobtrusive. The Tongue Mate model has a rigid design and is priced competitively. Both models have superior cleaning actions.

What is tongue cleaning?

Despite its recent exposure in the U.S., tongue cleaning is not a new practice. Long before we had terms like "plaque" and "halitosis," people in ancient Egypt, China and India were cleaning their tongues. The idea behind tongue cleaning is simple: the bulk of oral bacteria and debris - especially the associated volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath - reside on the tongue. More specifically, this matter accumulates primarily within the filliform (mushroom-like structures) and soft plaque on the back of the tongue.

Dentists have long encouraged their patients to brush their tongues or use a mouthwash. However, attempting to brush the hard-to-reach, back of the tongue readily triggers a gag reflex and does little more than press the bacterial debris and plaque down into the tongue. Mouthwashes cannot penetrate the tongue plaque, do not reach the back of the tongue, usually contain mouth drying alcohols, can become expensive, and may have long-term safety issues. The Tongue Sweeper and Tongue Mate instruments have been specifically designed to safely and effectively lift bacterial debris from the tongue. A few quick sweeps, once or twice a day, is all it takes.

Are there any benefits other than reducing halitosis?

There are many. The surface of the tongue is the main breeding ground for the bacteria and plaque that later attacks teeth and gums. One of today's major trends in oral health research is the evaluation of the toxicity of the gases associated with halitosis. Studies are finding that the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's) produced by anaerobic bacteria, most of which are found on the back of the tongue, readily degrade oral membranes. Not only are these odors foul-smelling, but they are highly toxic to gum tissues and may promote gingivitis and periodontal disease. Recent articles in the Journal of Periodontology (May, 1999) and the Journal of the American Dental Association (Sept., 2000) recommend tongue cleaning as an effective measure to reduce oral bacteria loads and VSC levels in the mouth. You can't have a clean mouth without a clean tongue!
In addition, some of the bacteria that are easily removed from the tongue with a Tongue Sweeper product are the same bacteria responsible for sore or "strep" throat. So besides eliminating bad breath, tongue cleaning also contributes to improved oral hygiene of the teeth, gums and throat. Brush, floss, and sweep!

Most people also report an enhanced sense of taste after using the Tongue Sweeper or Tongue Mate. A December 1999 article in the Journal of the American Dental Association recommends tongue cleaning for geriatric patients that have a low desire to eat due to depressed taste sensation. Since the plaque coatings on the tongue dull the taste receptors, this makes perfect sense.

Furthermore, some of the most encouraging studies related to tongue cleaning are the ones that link the health of the mouth to the health of one's entire body. For example, a recent Chicago Tribune article revealed the likelihood that dental infections can put people at increased risk of heart disease. Dr. Mark Herzberg, a professor of preventative sciences at the University of Minnesota, presented study results at the annual meeting of the American Association of the Advancement of Science. He concluded that bacteria living in dental plaque contributes to heart disease in two ways. They inflame coronary arteries, which leads to the narrowing of the blood pathways, and they can cause clots to form, which can block arteries and deprive coronary tissue of oxygen. At least half a dozen epidemiological studies have shown that people with poor oral health tend to be at higher risk of heart disease, Dr. Herzberg noted. During the Spring of 2000 the American Heart Association and the United States Surgeon General released statements affirming the relationship between one's oral health and their total body health.

Recent research suggests the possibility of a relationship between pathogenic oral bacteria and lung disease. A March 2001 article in the Journal of the American Dental Association touches on this theory. The concept is logical: if VSC's are toxic to oral tissues, even at extremely low concentrations, then the gases associated with pathogenic bacteria may also negatively affect lung membranes. Your mouthwash and brush are insufficient for thorough tongue cleaning. Safely remove the bulk of these harmful, oral bacteria from your mouth with the ultimate tongue cleaning devices.

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