Thermophore MaxHEAT PlusMoist Heat Pack Petite 4” x 17”

Thermophore MaxHEAT PlusMoist Heat Pack Petite 4” x 17”
Designed for the neck, sinus or TMJ area and also wonderful for applying moist heat therapy to specific joints – such as the elbow, knee or ankle. The Adjustable Hook & Loop fasteners allows adjustment for a snug fit on any small area. Our user friendly Constant-Comfort Switch has three temperature settings; Low, Medium and High Intense moist heat designed for home use, to deliver quick, effective pain relief. Features4 by 17 inches Cord Length: 10 feet Maximum Temperature: 170°F Electrical Specifications: 110 Volts; 44 Watts – 60 HZ A.C. Recommended Application Time: 15 – 20 minutes at a time Produces intense moist heat without adding water Moisture-Plus Cover allows you to add water to the heating pad for dry regions Fast-acting therapy relieves pain and stiffness for hours Thermophore is the moist heat pad doctors recommend most Medicare may reimburse when prescribed for Arthritis Pain Management Turns off automatically after 20 minutes. Doctors and physical therapists know that the intense, penetrating moist heat of Thermophore brand products is a convenient, effective way to give patients hours of soothing relief. Having a Thermophore of your own, to use at the first sign of pain, muscle spasm or stiffness, can often let you treat a minor problem before it has a chance to worsen and require professional attention. Recommended Uses Back, Lower Back Pain, Arthritis, Joint pain, Muscle Spasms, Sprains, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, TMJ, Bursitis, etc…
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