Thermophore Ice It! Post-Surgical Cold Therapy Wrap

Thermophore Ice It! Post-Surgical Cold Therapy Wrap
What’s Included (6) 6” x 9” cold packs One 9” x 18” fabric cover with three pockets One 36” elastic strap The Cold Pack Features Fully Flexible: Molds around painful areas when frozen High Freezing Point: Quickly reaches freezing temperature Stays Colder Longer: Maintains temperature longer for maximum therapeutic benefit Quality Materials: Non-toxic fill inside latex-free vinyl Durability: Can be used several times a day Ergonomic Design: Perfect for hips, shoulders, knees, etc. The Fabric Cover Features Protects Skin : Fabric shields skin from hypothermia related tissue damage Insulated : Retains temperature longer Comfort : Plush fabric & foam cushion are soft & gentle on sensitive skin Protects Clothing : Prevents condensation from wetting clothes Machine-Washable : Fully removable to maintain freshness and appearance The Elastic Strap Features Hook & Loop: Fully detachable at both ends Stability: Provided by generous width Long Length: Provides virtually unlimited positioning options Compression: Adjusts for customized compression Hands-Free Usage: Allows you to maintain activity during cold therapy
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