Skin Care

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Susan Brown's All Purpose Botanical Gelée

As a safe alternative to petroleum jelly, Susan Brown’s Baby All Purpose Botanical Gelée helps seal ..


Susan Brown's Botanical Body n Massage Oil

Susan Brown’s Baby Botanical Body & Massage Oil is a gentle and effective botanical based skin t..


Susan Brown's Diaper Therapy Ointment

Susan Brown’s Baby Diaper Therapy Ointment offers your baby the finest protection for sensitive bott..


Susan Brown's Dead Sea Salt Foot Soak

Whether your feet are tired, swollen or just need a refreshing break, treat yourself to a relaxing f..


Susan Brown's Foaming Shampoo n Body Wash

At Susan Brown’s Baby we know that bath time should also be a fun time. That’s why our Foaming Shamp..


Susan Brown's Foot Therapy Cream

  Susan Brown’s Baby Foot Therapy Creamis a rich hydrating formulation infused with First ..


Susan Brown's Stretch Therapy n Skin Smoothing Cream

Susan Brown’s Baby Stretch Therapy Daytime Treatment is the perfect daytime stretch mark therapy. It..


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