Tasty Worms Premium Dried Mealworms 11 Pounds Bulk Resealable Trea...

Out Of Stock Tasty Worms Premium Dried Mealworms 11 Pounds Bulk Resealable Trea...

Tasty Worms Premium Dried Mealworms 11 Pounds Bulk Resealable Treats for Chickens, Bluebirds, Wild Birds

Tasty Worms Nutrition Premium Dried Mealworms are a 100% natural, high protein treat your pets will love. Since 2010, Tasty Worms Premium Dried Mealworms have been produced to our specifications by our Trusted US FDA Registered Manufacturer in China. We understand that many people have an aversion to Made in China products. The primary reasons being food safety and quality concerns. This is why at Tasty Worms, we feel it is important to develop a long term relationship with our supplier, rather than chasing the lowest priced mealworms on the market.

Our Dried Mealworms are the species Tenebrio Molitor also called Darkling Beetles or Yellow Mealworm. Mealworms are fed a strict diet of fruits, vegetables and wheat bran from an adjoining farm. Mealworms are oven dried to reduce the moisture content and then immediately packaged to lock in freshness. Mealworms are tested for fungus, mold and bacteria, including Salmonella by as part of a veterinarian inspection to further ensure safety.

Freshness is important to nutritional content. This is why our bulk dried mealworms are packaged in multiple individual resealable packages.

Dried Mealworms are perfect for Bluebirds, Chickens, Wild Birds, Ducks, Geese, Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Box Turtle, Hedgehogs, Hamsters, Cichlids, Goldfish, Bass, Squirrels, Racoons, Skunk, Mice, Rats, Frogs, Budgies, Sugar Gliders, and more.

  • Trusted Supplier for Over 10 Years
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 53% Protein, 28% Fat, 6% Fiber, 5% Moisture.
  • Packaged in 2 x 5 lbs Bags and 1 x 1 lbs Bag for Maximum Freshness
  • Ingredients: 100% All Natural Mealworms
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