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ProKold 3 Panel Short Equine Leg Ice Boot Wrap

The Pro-Kold 3 Panel Short Ice Wrap allows for ice treatment without the mess of water.  The wr..


ProKold 4 Panel Long Equine Leg Ice Wrap

4 PANEL LONG Equine Leg Ice Wrap - Cold Therapy for Horses 4 PANEL LONG:4 Pocket..


ProKold 4 Panel Short Equine Leg Ice Boot Wrap

4 PANEL SHORT: 4 Pockets - 4 1/2" x 12"Overall - 18" x 12"St..


ProKold Adult Ice Shoulder Wrap

The Pro-Kold reusable ice wrap features an ice mat (pillows of purified water with food-grade freezi..


ProKold Back Wrap with 9"x12" Kold Pack Insert

The Pro-Kold Back features a removeable ice pack in a neoprene support belt for acute or chronic bac..


ProKold Cervical Ice Wrap

The Pro-Kold Cervical Ice Wrap features Ice Mat pillows (purified water with food-grade freezing age..


ProKold Elite Ice Wrap Cooler Bag Large

Perhaps you and your team have old injuries that are easily aggravated during a game or practice and..


ProKold Elite Kold Foot/Ankle Wrap

Don’t risk freezing your foot or ankle with a simple bag of ice or settle for a mediocre ice p..


ProKold Elite Kold Travel Bag

Elite* Kold Travel Bag can be a blessing to you, allowing you to carry more than one cold therapy pa..


ProKold Elite Kold Wrist / Elbow Ice Wrap

Icing made easy Stays cold up to 24 hours in insulated bag Universal fit - left or rig..


ProKold Hock Equine Leg Ice Wrap

2 Ices Soft Tissue in Front and Point of Hock Lower Stifle- Gaskin New Slip Proof Material..


ProKold Knee Ice Wrap

Knee Ice Wrap 2 hours of cold treatment in a safe temperature Two layers of "ice ..


ProKold Kold Pack

The Pro-Kold Kold Pack can be applied to almost any joint or body area and will provide relief for b..


ProKold Kold Pack 2

The Pro-Kold Kold Pack can be applied to almost any joint or body area and will provide relief for b..


ProKold Kold-Vest

The Kold-Vest by Pro-Kold comes in a universal size, thanks to adjustable shoulder and body straps. ..


ProKold Large Neck Equine Ice Wrap

LARGE NECK WRAP: Straps .................. 2 - 3" x 18" 2 Pockets ............


ProKold Shoulder Ice Wrap with Rotator Cuff Coverage

The Pro-Kold Shoulder Wrap with Rotator Cuff Coverage covers the shoulder girdle and extends down to..


ProKold Small Neck Equine Ice Wrap

SMALL NECK WRAP: Inserts - 2 Overall - 10" x 12" 2 Pockets - 4 1/2&quo..


ProKold TMJ Ice Wrap

Pro-Kold's TMJ Ice Wrap delivers the benefits of cryotherapy with compression for soft tissue trauma..


ProKold Torso Equine Ice Wrap

TORSO WRAP: Overall ................ 12" x 18" Straps .................. 2 -..


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