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BMLS EMS 2000 – Muscle Stimulator E-Stim

BioMedical Life Systems EMS 2000  Neuromuscular Simulator is a Two Channel analog device with T..


BMLS GV 350 – High Volt Pulsed Stimulator HVPS

The GV 350 High Volt Pulsed Stimulator is a two channel device that delivers full powered twin peak ..


BMLS Micro Plus – Analog Microcurrent Stimulator

BioMedical Life Systems Micro Plus Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator is a Two Channel analog ..


BMLS QuadStar II – Multi-Modality Stimulator TENS, INF, NMS, HV

The QuadStar II is a portable four channel digital NMS, INF and TENS device. The unique device with ..


Mind Alive Microcurrent Electro Therapy MET Kit

This kit includes a white stimulation cable with snaps and package of 30 disposable electrodes. ..


Envi Current Cost Bridge WB1

The Envi Bridge connects the Envi Monitor directly to your router using an Ethernet cable, automatic..


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