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Biosig Instruments Antense

FITNESS ANTI-TENSION DEVICE Antense® gives you instant feedback on your stress, w..


Biosig Instruments Body-Trim

Body Trim® provides the same complete workout in your own home as you would experience with the ..


Biosig Instruments Exerlopers

PATENTED NO-IMPACT RUNNING SHOESExerlopers® are a unique type of running shoes that is fund..


Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse model 105

PATENTED FITNESS HEART RATE MONITORS InstaPulse® Heart Rate Monitors can measure ..


Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse model 107

InstaPulse Hand-Held Model IN-107 Pocket Model InstaPulse®, is a hand-held baton ..


Biosig Instruments Insta-Pulse Wall Model 201

Easy Access for Pulse Rate!Ideal for Physical Education classes, gyms and large groups, the wal..


Biosig Instruments Sea Jogger

WALK ON WATER with the revolutionary patented Sea Jogger Addressing the lat..


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