Bulk Wildflower Seeds Variety Pack - 5 Large Packets 5 Different M...

Bulk Wildflower Seeds Variety Pack - 5 Large Packets 5 Different M...

Bulk Wildflower Seeds Variety Pack - 5 Large Packets 5 Different Mixes - Over 1/4 Pound - More Than 30,000 Open Pollinated Seeds

Wildflower Variety Pack - Lots of Variety and Lots of Seeds
This variety pack contains the perfect mix of flower seeds your garden. Each packet is made from a light and moisture blocking material with a reclosable zipper meant to keep you seeds safe and dry. These attractive seed pouches also make great gifts.

-Hummingbird and Butterfly Mix:-A specialized mix of wildflower seeds all chosen to attract beautiful humming birds and butterflys to your garden.
-Gourmet Edible Wildflowers Mix:A mix of all edible wildflowers! Dozens of different tastes and colors to add to every meal!
-Partial Shade Wildflowers Mix:A specialized mix of wildflowers that will thrive in that shady corner of your garden, requiring only 4 hours of sunlight a day!
-All Annual Quick Blooming Wildflower Mix:A fast blooming wildflower mix! See blooms in as little as 6-8 weeks and enjoy a blast of color all year long!
-All Sorts Sunflower Mix:A variety mix of beautiful sunflowers. From just a couple feet tall to over eight feet tall!

Who says quality and quantity don't mix!?
We want to give you the biggest bloom for your gardening buck, that's why we put over 1 full ounce of seeds in our packets, that's more than 10 times the amount you'll get in a store bought packet. That's also why we only sell the freshest seeds available. Each packet is filled with our continuously rotating stock of wildflower seed, ensuring that the packet you purchase holds fresh seeds ready to plant for the current growing season.

We're so confident that you'll have success with our seeds that we guarantee they will germinate or we'll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • FIVE EXTRA LARGE PACKETS contain over 1 full ounce each of pure live seeds, totaling nearly 1/3 pound or enough to cover 500 square feet.
  • GREAT VARIETY with four different wildflower mixes as well as a beautiful sunflower seed mix.
  • ONLY THE FRESHEST SEEDS available lead to high germination rates and make your gardening easy and enjoyable.
  • ATTRACT MORE WILDLIFE such as hummingbirds, butterflies, honey bees, lady bugs and more with over 50 species of flowers.
  • GUARANTEED TO GROW - We guarantee our seeds will germinate or your money back! No questions asked within 30 days.
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