Sunshine Health Clear Soft Dual Arch Mouth Tray

Sunshine Health Clear Soft Dual Arch Mouth Tray
Plastic heat forming reusable mouth tray. This easy to use
tray is used mainly for at home teeth whitening
treatments. Trays become moldable after being exposed to
hot water. 2 trays required per person (1 upper and 1
lower arch).
 EMPTY (NO FILL) TRAY - Dual arch tray with no fill. Used for at home treatments.
 SILICONE FILLED TRAY - The silicone implanted tray allows the user to instantly create teeth impressions. Tray is packaged in a clear poly bag for protection
 FOAM & GEL FILLED TRAY - Dual arch tray with foam inserts and pre-filled with teeth whitening gel. Tray is packaged in mylar bag.

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