Sugar Pea Microgreen Seed 2 lb | Easy Grows It Non-GMO Sugar Peas ...

Sugar Pea Microgreen Seed 2 lb | Easy Grows It Non-GMO Sugar Peas ...

Sugar Pea Microgreen Seed 2 lb | Easy Grows It Non-GMO Sugar Peas for Sprouting, Micro Greens, and Gardens

These Sugar Pea micro greens are robust and great for beginners. They grow quickly, produce heavily, and regrow after being harvested allowing for multiple cuts.

Grey Sugar Pea sprouting seeds are some of the largest microgreen seeds and generally require a light covering of soil or growing medium in order to fully sprout. The covering should be less than twice the size of the seed, otherwise the sprouts will struggle to come to the surface.

Our microgreen seed comes in environmentally friendly bulk packaging so that we can also do our part to help protect the environment. All of our seed is thoroughly tested to ensure it is of the highest quality in terms of germination and purity. Our seed is 100% untreated to ensure that they are safe to eat right out of the garden or kitchen.

For best results:

  1. Evenly spread the seeds across your growing medium. Thoroughly pepper the seeds to fully cover the area; however, there should not be too much seed overlap. Two pinches per 4” x 4” area should be sufficient.
  2. Once planted, lightly cover the seed with a light layer of growing medium; just enough to cover the seeds but not to bury them deeply.
  3. Next, water the growing area with cool water and try not to disturb the seeds by flooding them out. This extra layer of medium will dampen the seed from all sides, as well as provide enough darkness to promote ample root development, aiding in even germination.
  4. Sprouts are ready to harvest at microgreen size in approximately 12 to 16 days, depending on environmental factors. Light green stems remain fleshy and not woody (dry and hard), standing at about an inch and a half to two inches tall from the soil.

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