Stovall 1F Small Hanging Hopper Feeder

Stovall 1F Small Hanging Hopper Feeder
5-pound capacity mixed seed hanging feeder with chain. This is the best starter feeder in the industry, big seed diverter with 4 perching rails (outside rail often called cardinal rails). 12-1/2-inch w by 10-inch h by 15-inch l . Stovall products feature all cedar construction, stainless steel and dichromate plated screws, washers, hooks and chains, hand sanded, assembled with screws, many products coated with wood protector which accents the wood grain and the natural warmth of cedar. Environmentally green practices – hand sorted down graded lumber. The Shop is heated with scrap wood, cooled with natural shade and insulation, nestled in a glen among 25+ acres of beech/maple/oak forest. Rumored staffing of woodland gnomes with a payroll of nuts and berries is still not factual.
  • Mixed seed hanging feeder with chain
  • Approximate seed capacity: 5-pound
  • Dimensions: 12-1/2-inch by 10-inch by 15-inch
  • All cedar construction
  • Hand crafted in Michigan
  • $92.09



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