Solkin Garden Water Hose Expandable 75 ft, Lightweight, Flexible, ...

Solkin Garden Water Hose Expandable 75 ft, Lightweight, Flexible, ...

Solkin Garden Water Hose Expandable 75 ft, Lightweight, Flexible, No Kink,Heavy Duty Durable 10 Function Spray Nozzle Hose, 3/4 Solid Brass Connectors, for Washing & Watering, Free Gardening Ebook

"Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors"-Mary Cantwell

Flexible, Dependable and MANUFACTURED TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS, Solkin Garden Hose for all your Washing and Watering needs

  • Never Again you have to use Cheap Plastic garden water hoses that don't last long
  • Never again you have to carry around heavy rubber & vinyl garden hoses that Kink & Tangle


  • Lightweight, Tangle Free & No Kink
  • Flexible: Expands 3x its length when water pressure is on. Contracts to its original length when pressure is off
  • Easy Use & Storage: Includes a free Storage Bag & Hanger
  • Superior 10 Spray Pattern Nozzle: Multipurpose usage from Watering Garden, Bathing the Pets, Washing/Cleaning cars etc.
  • Heavy Duty: Made with Highest Quality Materials

Package Includes-

1 x 75ft Garden Hose

1x Spray Nozzle

1x Storage bag

1x Sturdy Hanger

3x Washers


  • Original Length- 25ft approx
  • 3x Length- 75ft approx
  • Connector Material- Solid Brass
  • Diameter of the Valve- 3/4"
  • Fabric Material- 3750D Polyester
  • Working Temp Range:41℉ - 113℉
  • Min & Max Water Pressure:4 - 10 bar

Instructions for Longer Product Life -

  • Make sure the hose does not get caught up with Sharp object. Do not to walk on the pressurized Hose
  • Do not run Hot water through the Hose
  • Always store the Hose in shade or under a cover
  • Always drain the water before Storing


*Read the Instruction/Safety Manual Carefully

  • ► MAKE YOUR WATERING SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT - The Hose is designed and manufactured by using only High-Quality, Sturdy, Modern Materials to make it Functional, Lightweight, Flexible and long enough to make it easy and convenient for manoeuvring around the Garden even when Full of Water.
  • ► OUTSTANDING DURABILITY & HEAVY DUTY - Superior and Incredible Durability and heavy Duty Construction makes it the best Garden Hose one can buy. Made from high- quality, durable, leak proof materials, 3/4" Brass connectors, the water Hose is sturdy enough to use it for a long time. Can withstand Temperature from 41℉ - 113℉ - NO NEED TO BUY GARDEN HOSES EVERY SEASON.
  • ► FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - The super Garden hose can expand upto 75 feet and come back to its original length in minutes as soon the water is turned off. The hose can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar. Made with extra flexible 3750 D polyester outer Fabric, hence no Kink or Tangles.
  • ► 10 PATTERN WATER HOSE NOZZLE - Made of durable zinc alloy construction with rubberised outer coating. The hose is slip-resistant and comfortable to hold. With water controlling knob for changing the water pressure. Rotate the bezel for easy choosing kind of spray. The Hose delivers smart solution to satisfy all your watering needs from Watering Plants, Washing cars or cleaning Pet or Pool.
  • ► EASE OF USE & STORAGE - The Flexible hose comes with a FREE Storage Bag and Hanger. It is super retractable, light weight, highly portable hence making it effortless and non burdensome to store and use as it can expand 3x up to an incredible 75 feet when in use and come back in minutes to its original length. {IMPORTANT - In case you don't receive the eBook or have any other issue, kindly write to us. We'll make sure to resolve your any problem.}
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