Solar Royal PowerJolt Thermal Radiant Hatchway Series Coverlet for 30”

Solar Royal PowerJolt Thermal Radiant Hatchway Series Coverlet for 30”

PowerJolt Thermal Radiant (TR) Hatchway Attic Stair Coverlets (For 30" Hatchway  Covers)
The PowerJolt Coverlet is only sold with a hatchway (attic) staircase cover or previously purchased.  The coverlet is unique in that is allows up to a R60 insulation to be added on top of a hatchway cover.  When you need additional insulation R-Value on top of your PowerJolt Hatchway Attic Staircase cover it does not get any simpler.

The PowerJolt Energy Efficiency Series (Hatchway Covers) is made with patented highly reflective ARMA FOIL radiant barrier bonded to a polyester fiber insulation – so it is light, thin and effective.  The PowerJolt hatchway covers uses heavy-duty zippers to allow easy access to the attic.  The cover helps to keep your valuable heated and cooled air in your living space where you want it.  As an added benefit, the PowerJolt hatchway covers also helps keep your house clean and improves your indoor air quality by keeping dust, and insulation, in the attic where they belong – not on your floors or in your air.

  • (All Components) 100% Made in America
  • Reflects 95% of Radiant Heat
  • Add up to R60 insulation withing Coverlet



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