Solar Royal 50W Attic Fan with Thermostat

50 Watt Premium Solar Attic Ventilation Fans w/ Thermostat includes the remote 25W solar panel.

The 50W Solar Attic Fan solution is the best of both worlds. It combines the 25Watt Solar Attic Fan with a 25 W Remote Solar Panel for a powerful 50 Watt Solution.

This allows the very best optimization of panel location, either side-by-side or one panel placed to optimize duration of available sun.

The Solar Royal product was developed, designed and engineered in the USA to address all the missing features and limitations within the current marketplace offerings. Whether you’re trying to ventilate your attic, shed, multi-family dwelling, garage, barn, livestock pins, commercial spaces, etc… You have found the smartest solution for your solar attic fan (solar powered ventilation) needs.

Benefits of Ventilation

  • Converts passive ventilation to active.
  • Extends the life of your roof and AC.
  • Reduces moisture which reduces mold & mildew.
  • Increases air exchanges (per hour).
  • Reduces HVAC costs & cooling cycles.
  • Windstorm Certified & Tested (ASTM-E330)
  • Lifetime warranty available.
  • No cost to operate.
  • Qualifies 30% Federal Rebate program (unit & installation)
  • Extreme Weather Ready w/: (Aluminum components w/ stainless steel fasteners)


  • Solar Panel:25 Watt High-efficient monocrystaline, 18 Volt, 1.39 Amp.
  • Motor:Brushes 6-24 VDC, proprietary, high performance, direct current.
  • Fan Blade:12-inch/5-blade “TurboPro` styled custom nylon/polymetric blade and balanced hub.
  • Performance:Up-to-2100 sq.ft and ventilation capacity up-to 1500 CFMs.
  • Housing:Upper: automotive grade abs, high impact composite material, UV stabilizer with embedded fire retardant resin. Base: System double-locks into upper housing. Seperate aluminum base for easier installaion, support & maintenance.
  • Model Info:Model Nr.: SR1803 Part Nr.: SE25W-03 UPC: 638142929394
  • Unit Dimensions:Unit Size: 24″ x 24″ x 7″ Unit Weight: 26 Lbs Unit Box Size: 28″ x 28″ x 11″


  • Lifetime Warranty Upgrade: *Limited lifetime warranty service package available online. (for registered residential)
  • Residential & Commercial 15 yr *Motor, solar and housing

First in a series of new products, solar attic fan is engineered not only to perform in extreme weather, but offers patent-pending innovation not previously available in the market. The product line is designed for use in virtually any residential, commercial and utility application. Solar Royal has a incredible product road-map planned, which includes: risers, extenders, curb bases, R9 panel bases, metal roof bases, etc. Watch our site for the latest products in development.

Proper ventilation is a direct result of proper installation

Sizing Balance Orientation

1800 sq.ft CFM Required, 1260 Net Air Intake ( 624, 1 Fan (Ave.Pitch ~6/10)

2400 sq.ft CFM Required, 1680 Net Air Intake ( 806, 2 Fans (Ave.Pitch ~6/10)

3000 sq.ft CFM Required, 2100 Net Air Intake ( 100, 2 Fans (Ave.Pitch ~6/10)

Proper sizing and installation depends on a variety of factors including attic area, roof pitch, roof color and roof type which all factor into your specific ventilation requirements per the Home Ventilation Institute (HVI).


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