Slow Bolt Cilantro Herb Garden Seeds - 4 Oz ~10,000 seeds - Non-GM...

Slow Bolt Cilantro Herb Garden Seeds - 4 Oz ~10,000 seeds - Non-GM...

Slow Bolt Cilantro Herb Garden Seeds - 4 Oz ~10,000 seeds - Non-GMO Heirloom Slow Bolt Cilantro Herb Seeds (Coriander) - Outdoor Garden, Indoor Garden, Countertop Microgreens, Organic Micro Greens Kit

Save by growing your own fresh, delicious cilantro for salsa, indian recipes & more. Very difficult hydroponically. Grow in soil. Notes & Growing Tips: Cilantro (also commonly called coriander) is very difficult to grow hydroponically. We recommend growing micro cilantro in soil. Germination of cliantro microgreens is erratic with some emerging at about a week, and some seeds taking longer, so be patient with them. Sow quite thickly ( on a bed of lightly compacted soil (about 1 cup of seed for a 21" x 11" tray. Cover with a thin layer of soil (1/4 inch) and tamp very lightly. Cover in a humidity / black out dome and mist twice a day to keep the top layer of soil nice and damp. Cilantro micro greens grow slowly. Cilantro seeds prefer cooler temperatures (under 70 degrees), especially during germination. If your temperature gets above 70, you will likely see a poor germination rate. Cilantro microgreens have flavor more intense than adult cilantro. Growing your own micro cilantro saves money and is much fresher than grocery store cilantro. Use in salsa, indian recipes or any recipe that calls for cilantro.
  • Vegetable Garden & Microgreens Sprouting Seeds: Cilantro - 4 Oz.
  • High Germination Rate - Non-GMO - Chemical Free
  • Perfect for Growing Microgreens & Garden Seeds
  • Mountain Valley Seed Company Brand
  • $20.88



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