CARSON LIFE Liquid Collagen With Vitamin C - 16 Oz - For Anti Agin...

CARSON LIFE Liquid Collagen With Vitamin C - 16 Oz - For Anti Agin...

CARSON LIFE Liquid Collagen With Vitamin C - 16 Oz - For Anti Aging, Hair Skin and Nails - Immune Support - Rejuvenate Skin - Made In The USA

Collagen is the most important element of human skin. This complex protein makes up nearly 80% of skin and provides structure, elasticity and protection, while helping to retain moisture within the deep dermal layers. Retain elasticity of your skin with liquid collagen serum.

Fight back against the loss of collagen for your most luminous skin with the liquid collagen supplement. Eradicate the chances of fine lines and wrinkles that occur in naturally-aged skin with collagen vitamin C liquid.

Retain collagen, a key building block for healthy, luminous skin, plus Vitamin A with collagen liquid. Since, sooner or later the reduction of collagen causes skin to become thinner drier and more fragile.

Support reduction of body fat, while maintaining and building lean muscle tissue with liquid collagen. Build and strengthen your collagen with these liquid supplements.

The human body stops producing its own collagen at about 35 years of age. Collagen contains important amino acids, and glycerin. These amino acids play a very important for building connective tissue functions. This product helps restore lost collagen and protects the skin, joints and hair. It also strengthens nails and moisturizes the skin.

We know you will LOVE our Liquid Collagen with Vitamin C!

  • Carson Life liquid collagen with vitamin C provides the essential nutrients to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Essential amino acids help to prevent wrinkles caused by aging.
  • Liquid collagen provides superior potency and is very easy to take.
  • Designed to leave your skin looking rejuvenated and young.
  • Made in the USA. Woman Owned. Minority Owned.
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