BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads, 2.8 ...

BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Advanced 10 Percent Exfoliating Pads, 2.8 ...
A step up from the BeautyRx Essential 8% Exfoliating Serum, these advanced-strength 10% glycolic exfoliating pads effectively remove dead skin cells to reveal radiant, younger looking skin. The combined chemical and physical exfoliation work gently to even skin tone, improve skin texture, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. (This is not a starter-strength product.)
  • This gentle yet effective glycolic acid peel is formulated for all skin types except sensitive. This dual-phase exfoliator uses both physical and chemical exfoliation to remove the top layer of dead clogging cells.
  • By using this face exfoliator, you will reveal radiant, more even-toned skin. By removing the uneven layer of dead skin cells, you are left with smooth, younger skin that reflects light.
  • The glycolic not only removes the dead skin cells, but also the excess pigment from old acne marks, sun spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation. This helps create a more even, younger skin tone.
  • These glycolic acid exfoliating pads are also great for people with acne prone skin. Dead skin cells can clog pores, causing breakouts. Regular use of these glycolic pads will help clear up and prevent breakouts. It also helps eliminate persistent clogged pores.
  • Please note this is NOT A STARTER STRENGTH EXFOLIATOR; If you have never used a BeautyRx exfoliant, try the Daily Exfoliating Therapy Cream or Daily Exfoliating Therapy Serum depending on your skin type
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