Sharp Pebble Disk - Axe/Hatchet Sharpening Stone- Whetstone Blade ...

-16% Sharp Pebble Disk - Axe/Hatchet Sharpening Stone- Whetstone Blade ...

Sharp Pebble Disk - Axe/Hatchet Sharpening Stone- Whetstone Blade & Tool Sharpener- Dual Grit Multipurpose Waterstone Sharpener with Bamboo Gift Box

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  • ☢️ POWERFUL CUTS: A dull axe won't "bite" in the wood & it will bounce back or deflect, causing serious injury. Restoring the blade to its former glory is simply a matter of elbow grease, some effort, and a high-quality Sharp Pebble Sharpening Stone. Made with premium quality 100% silicon carbide & up to 40% LARGER SURFACE it provides the exceptional sharp blade with MINIMAL effort. And it's economical too, NO NEED of expensive sharpening/honing oil !
  • ✳️ DUAL GRIT: Coarse side(Black) 150 Grit of this combination whetstone is used to sharpen dull edges quickly. Fine side(Green): 320 Grit is used to restore slightly dulled cutting edges and enhance the finish left by the coarse side. Better than other Sharpening Puck
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  • Brand: Sharp Pebble
  • Product Code: B07THVLCGY
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