Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit | Germination Seedling Trays are Biodeg...

-18% Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit | Germination Seedling Trays are Biodeg...

Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit | Germination Seedling Trays are Biodegradable and Organic | 10 Plastic Plant Markers Included | 5 Pack - 50 Cells

Why not save money and grow your own healthy vegetables, garden, and flowers? This 50 cell Seed Starter Kit with 10 plastic markers by JOLLY GROW, is a great way to start any garden or flower bed.

These peat pots are Certified for USDA organic use and perfect for starting your seeds, flowers, vegetables, plants, herbs, and more. Simply follow these guidelines to ensure your seed starter trays are a success.

  • Fill the strips with potting soil and water thoroughly (ensure they are on a flat surface) 
  • Sow seed or stick cutting and position in a bright place 
  • Avoid frost 
  • Gradually expose to the sun 
  • Water when required. NEVER overwater or let them dry out. 
  • As the seedlings develop transplant the individual pots directly into the ground and cover with soil 
  • This will help protect the sensitive root system and develop strong plants 
  • Please note these are made with a biodegradable peat and they can become damaged if over watered, a spray bottle is a great way to keep them moist 

This product is proudly made in Canada with Canadian materials We at JOLLY HOMES have a no hassle 100% guarantee refund policy. If you use this and do not love it, simply return it for a full refund. These are great for teaching the kids how to grow their own vegetables, a skill everyone should know! Get your garden started today and help save the environment by using a biodegradable product.

  • SEED STARTER POTS - these starter trays are biodegradable. Each cell is 1.75" square and 2" deep, overall 4"W by 10"L
  • INCLUDED - each peat pot kit includes 5 germination trays with 10 cells in each(50 Total) AND 10 plastic plant markers - ***PLANT MARKERS ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE***
  • ALL NATURAL - biodegradable and perfect for Seeds, Seedlings, Vegetables, Plants, and Flowers these natural pots allow plant roots to naturally air prune as they emerge through the pot
  • REDUCE SHOCK - will eliminate transplant shock and help develop strong roots as the plant does not need to be removed from the pot when transplanting
  • GUARANTEE - We have a NO hassle 100% guarantee refund policy, If you do not like the item simply return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose. Consider picking up extra ones and teach the kids how to grow their own food
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