Schneider Labs Phthalates/BPA 1PK Test Kit 5 Business Days

Schneider Labs Phthalates/BPA 1PK Test Kit 5 Business Days

This SLGI Certified Test Kit will check for the amount of Phthalates / Bisphenol (BPA) in your plastic containers or other solid materials. All tests are run by approved methods. Professional, accurate and certified analytical reports sent within 5 business days of receipt of kit.

  • Protect yourself and your family from Cancer causing toxins and other health risks associated with everyday use items.
  • Reheating foods and liquids in plastic containers or under plastic wrap can deposit dangerous toxins on everything it touches.
  • Check for the amount of Phthalates/Bisphenol A in your plastic containers and other solid material to ensure that they are below the regulatory limit.
  • This SLGI Certified Test Kit come with all of the sampling materials necessary for proper collection procedures and instructions on how to use them.
  • Kit price covers sampling material, lab analysis, and sample shipping. There are NO hidden fees!
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