Schneider Labs Mold Direct Exam Test Kit 5 PK 5 Business Days

Use Schneider Laboratories Mold Testing kit to take a tape lift of suspect Mold to send to us. Place your sealed sample in our provided shipping bag, affix the prepaid shipping label and within 5 Business Days of sample receipt, you will have certified analysis results. It couldn't be easier.

  • Check to see if you or your family are inhaling elevated levels of mold spores, which could lead to Asthma, severe skin irritation lethargy and memory loss
  • This test kit is for analysis of 5 samples for Mold Direct Exam using the tape lift. All testing methods used at our lab are run by approved methods.
  • Gives you type of mold present and spore counts.
  • Unlike our competitors, there are NO hidden fees associated with our testing kits!
  • We offer a complete line of other SLGI Certified Test Kits and Screen Tests! Check 'em Out!
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