Schneider Labs Asbestos Test Kit 1 PK 5 Business Days

Schneider Labs Asbestos Test Kit 1 PK 5 Business Days

Asbestos Test Kit 1 PK (5 Bus. Days) Schneider Labs

For many years, asbestos has been used in everyday life but has now been recognized as a health hazard. The breathing of asbestos fibers can cause a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs called asbestosis, which results in the loss of lung function, usually leading to death. Asbestos has also been linked to causing cancer of the lung and other diseases such as mesothelioma. You can check for the presence of asbestos with our easy to use self-test kit. All tests are conducted using EPA approved methods and meet all EPA, state, and certification agencies' requirements. An analytical report is sent within your requested turn around time upon receipt of the sample.
  • This SLGI Certified Testing kit is what you need to ensure your personal environments are not contaminated with environmentally hazardous Asbestos.
  • This test kit is for the PLM analysis of 1 sample of suspicious material. All testing methods used at our lab are run by EPA approved methods.
  • The price of this kit includes ALL lab fees, sample shipping costs, AND sampling materials.
  • Unlike our competitors, there are NO hidden fees associated with our testing kits!
  • We offer a complete line of other SLGI Certified Test Kits and Screen Tests! Check 'em Out!
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