Quick-Snap In-Ground Sprinkler/Spray Quick Connect Air Purge, APP-040

Quick-Snap In-Ground Sprinkler/Spray Quick Connect Air Purge, APP-040
If it's cold enough to freeze 7 inches below ground, you should empty the water from your Quick-Snap for the winter. You could remove the unit and plant it again in the Spring. You could remove the top and wick out the water with a towel. Or, you can snap on an Air Purge and blow the water out with your bicycle pump. You stay clean and dry. The unit stays in the ground without having its settings disturbed. The unit stays dry all winter and is ready to go in the Spring without further adjustment. The Air Purge will work with any clamp-on type of bicycle pump.
  • Empties water from buried QS Sprinklers & Sprays without removing them from the ground
  • All clamp-type bicycle pumps can attach so no special adapters or tools needed
  • Air pumped in pushes water out through spray nozzle so you stay dry and clean
  • Bicycle air pump not included
  • 5 year warranty
  • Voted: 2887
  • Brand: Quick Snap Inc.
  • Product Code: APP-040
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $31.43



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