ProKold Elite Kold Wrist / Elbow Ice Wrap

ProKold Elite Kold Wrist / Elbow Ice Wrap
Icing made easy
  • Stays cold up to 24 hours in insulated bag
  • Universal fit - left or right
  • 2 hours of cold treatment in a safe temperature
  • Two layers of "ice pillow" 
  • Non-toxic, purified water as the freezing agent
  • When frozen the ice pillows remain flexible to insure comfortable fit
Outside velvet loop fabric allows desired compression and fit for all sizes
As a preventive measure or for actual injury, the Elite-Kold wrist/elbow wrap is very effective. Several studies have shown that Elite*Kold products get the appropriate cold (just above freezing) to the treatment site, with no fear of frostbite or cold shock.

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