ProKold Cervical Ice Wrap

ProKold Cervical Ice Wrap
The Pro-Kold Cervical Ice Wrap features Ice Mat pillows (purified water with food-grade freezing agents) sewn into a sturdy, hook-engageable nylon fabric with an anti-microbial finish to safely control bacterial growth on the wrap. It is universal in size.
Pro-Kold wraps are ergonomically designed. Construction conforms anatomically and keeps Pro-Kold wraps cold for up to two hours without sweating or leaking. 
Pro-Kold products offer velcro contact closures that make the wraps simple to apply and eliminate the watery mess of regular ice.
  • Universal cervical/neck coverage
  • Ice pillows for long term, safe cold therapy
  • Relieves pain and swelling the natural way
  • No frost bite or skin burn
  • Anti-microbial finish

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