Fish Meal - Organic Fish Fertilizer 8-6-0 5 lbs

-15% Fish Meal - Organic Fish Fertilizer 8-6-0 5 lbs

Fish Meal - Organic Fish Fertilizer 8-6-0 (5 lbs)

Organic Fish Meal is an excellent source of nitrogen and phosphorus and is recommended for all vegetable gardens, flower beds and all types of outdoor plants, trees and shrubs. Fish Meal stimulates soil microbial life, promotes vigorous root development and provides an early season boost for all your plants. FISH MEAL APPLICATION RATES 2.5 cups ≈ 1 lb; ¼ cup ≈ 1.6 oz; 1 tbsp ≈ 0.4 oz Vegetable Gardens: To prepare new gardens, apply 2.5-5 lbs per 100 square feet and thoroughly mix into the top 3" of soil. For new transplants, add 1-2 tbsp per hole, mix into soil and water in well. To feed established plants, side dress 1-2 oz, once each month during the growing season depending on size of plant and desired growth rate. Containers: For new plantings, add 1-2 tbsp per gallon of soil and mix thoroughly OR add 2.5-5 lbs per cubic yard. For established plants, lightly mix 1-2 tbsp per gallon into the soil surface once each month during the growing season. Trees & Shrubs: Spread 1-2 lbs per 1" of trunk diameter around the base outwards to the drip line, mix into soil surface and water in well. For new trees, prepare transplant hole and mix 1 cup with the backfill soil. Use amended soil to fill in around new tree and water in well.
  • Organic Fish Meal - All Natural Fertilizer!
  • Excellent Source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus!
  • Stimulates beneficial microbes
  • 5 pound bulk bag of Organic Fish Meal Fertilizer
  • Fish Meal is a perfect early season Organic Fertilizer!
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