AZOMITE - 5 Pound Bulk Bag of Certified Organic Trace Mineral Fert...

AZOMITE - 5 Pound Bulk Bag of Certified Organic Trace Mineral Fert...

AZOMITE - 5 Pound Bulk Bag of Certified Organic Trace Mineral Fertilizer by PowerGrow

AZOMITE is an acronym for the "A to Z of minerals including trace elements". An estimated 30 million years ago, a volcanic eruption filled a nearby seabed. The unique combination of seawater, fed by rivers rich in minerals and rare earth elements present in the volcanic ash created the composition known as the AZOMITE mineral deposit. AZOMITE is mined here in Utah, just over 40 miles from the PowerGrow Systems warehouse where it is packaged in its purest 100% Organic form as a micronized easily used powder. Vegetable and Flower Garden Use: Flowers, plants and vegetables may all benefit from the trace minerals in AZOMITE. Gardeners report increased germination rates, improved yield, more and brighter colored flower blossoms, an increase in resistance to pests and disease and tastier vegetables. Higher brix readings (a measurement of the quality of the sugars and proteins in a plant's sap) have been reported in vegetables grown with AZOMITE. Application Guidelines: When preparing soil, customers have reported an average of 30% improvement with AZOMITE treatment at the rate of 1/4 cup per plant. For larger areas, we recommend two 44 lb bags per acre (based on rows approximately 18" apart with plants 12" apart). If the bed is established, sprinkle around each plant. AZOMITE should be applied with compost, humus, manures, or other fertilizers to provide additional levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. AZOMITE will not burn plants. For houseplants, mix 1 teaspoon per 2 inch pot diameter with potting soil before planting. Give 1 teaspoon quarterly thereafter. For roses, start with 1/4 lb. to the soil around each plant and lightly till into soil.
  • 100% Pure Certified Organic AZOMITE directly from the mine (which is only 40 miles away from the PowerGrow warehouse)
  • AZOMITE contains over 67 trace minerals and nutrients that will supercharge your garden
  • Increases flavor, aroma and size of vegetables and fruit
  • Top recommended Organic fertilizer for Wheatgrass
  • Listing includes (1) 5 pound bag of PowerGrow Systems AZOMITE
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  • Brand: PowerGrow Systems
  • Product Code: AZOMITE-5-POUND
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